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The official site of Tena, find everything about Tena, Napo, its tourist places, its history, undertakings, etc.
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You will also find downloads of courses and technological tricks for the students of our Province
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Remember how to start everything in the province of Napo

tourism / History / Store / tricks

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Tena, Napo

Sitios Web Tena
Sitios Web Tena

Learn about the History in Photos of Tena, Napo Province, Ecuador. Remember those times, the first settlers and the daily struggle to move the province forward, remember how you got to Tena, what the roads were like, everything and more recorded in photographs.

Sitios Web Tena
Websites Tena serves me as tools for my studies, as well as to know the history and tourist places of the Napo Province.
Sitios Web Tena
Valeria Mantilla

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